June 24 - July 2, 2016


So you Know Just what you're signing up for

CCC 2016: Northeast British Columbia Edition

1 week, 12 rigs. Muskeg, mosquitos and moose.

Warner Lake Trail

Multi Day Run


For You and your rig

Historic Kinuseo Falls Trail


The Location

what You Need 


Good attitude.

Bit of off-road driving skill. 

Tread-lightly mindset.

Your Rig

Manufactured prior to 01.01.1990. 

In good repair.

Front and rear tow points.

38-40" water fording capability

Slight Lift.

Minimum 32" tires.

Gassers may want to waterproof their electronics although water levels are anticipated to be lower this summer. The picture of the Bronco with 38" tires, above, was taken during a July long weekend.

Lockers, winch and snorkel

are optional.


Spare parts.


Recovery gear.

Bug spray.

what to expect 

Tow Rigs

Designated spot to park tow rigs and trailers during the event.  Located approximately 50 km south of Tumbler Ridge.


Available in Tumbler Ridge. From here, if you're driving your rig, 1 jerry can of diesel / 2-3 jerry cans of gas is recommended for the remainder of the trip. Opportunity to fuel up later in week if need be.


We think Tumbler Ridge has a grocery store.  Somewhere.  Normally, people buy groceries in nearby cities/towns such as Grande Prairie, Dawson Creek, or Fort St John, depending on where you're coming from. 

Personal Hygiene

OSOR's Trail Base Camp

Hot Tub.

Onboard 4x4 Shower.

Welcome to your next adventure 

Exploration Opportunities

FoR The Non-Wheelers

Choose your own adventure

Jet Boating

An afternoon trip up the Murray River to the base of the beautiful Kinuseo falls will be planned, depending on interest and jet boat availability.


The Tumbler Ridge area is full of hiking trails and waterfalls just waiting to be explored.

Don't forget your camera! 


Once upon a time dinosaurs thought this area was pretty cool too. Fortunately, they didn't believe in 'Treading Lightly' as their footprints can be still seen today in various locations. 

Peace River Region

The greater Tumbler Ridge area is yours to explore. Let us know if you want our recommendations!

AKA Deny's Trail

This trail was adopted by the

Old School Off Road Club several years ago.  Since then members have enjoyed it year round - via 4x4s in the warmer months and  skidoos in the winter.  In recent years the first 10 km of trail was upgraded when mining activities in the area required a better access road into their facilities. The remaining trail provides the occasional obstacle before terminating at the shores of Warner Lake.

Expect 2-3 relaxing days on the trail.

We will be staying at both the Tow Rig Base Camp and the Trail Base Camp while exploring this trail.  We expect to stage out of the Trail Base Camp for 3 nights before returning back to Tow Rig Base Camp where we'll most likely stage out of for the remainder of CCC.

The road less travelled

Back in the day, before the current pot-holed, gravel Forest Service Road up to Kinuseo Falls existed, there was a better way to get there.

This trail can be done in a single day or can be extended into to a two-day adventure.  

It can be done in one direction or we can retrace our tracks back out.  ​In any case, we'll be crossing fairly easy terrain. Well, mostly.  

There is one possible tough water crossing to deal with if river levels are high. If the water is really high we will plan to send one sacrificial sprung over light beige BJ60 across first to break the Spring mud flow and act as a tow vehicle or anchor point to get others across.  

Subject to Change 

Saturday June 25

Meet in Tumbler Ridge, B.C.

Travel to Tow Rig Base Camp

Sunday June 26

Drive to Trail Base Camp

Monday June 27

Day trip to Warner Lake

Tuesday June 28

Mountain Exploration

Wednesday June 29 

Return to Tow Rig Base Camp

Thursday June 30

Non-Wheeling Activities

Friday July 1

Historic Kinueso Falls Trail

Saturday July 2

Optional Trail Day

Last Night​​